GVMC Regional Safety Action Plan


Other GVMC Safety Initiatives & Campaigns

  • Traffic Safety Planning
    • Traffic crashes are a leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths in Michigan. A crash summary dashboard for the region shows where crashes have occurred dating back to 2017 for anyone to view.

  • Report a Near-Miss or Location of Concern
    • Witness or experience a crash that almost was? Use this anonymous online tool to report information that will be used to supplement crash data to help better identify and understand traffic safety issues.

  • Safety Education & Outreach
    • Keeping everyone safe while travelling in the region is a priority. There are a number of programs and resources (including videos, printable materials, promotional nonmotorized safety items, and more) to help ensure the safety of everyone.

Please refer to the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council website for more information on GVMC’s safety initiatives, campaigns, and transportation safety-related projects and documents.